Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

PHX-1: Design Tool Set

Then Pen Addict introduced me to the PHX-1 Design Tool Set when he mentioned the PHX-1 Campaign back in November 2011.  The campaign is over but I was lucky enough to become one of the backers before the campaigned ended.  I received the tool yesterday which was like Christmas all over again.

This is truly a design tool.  The Bamboo case is simple and elegant as is the tool itself. The case is covered by a sliding seven (7) measurement ruler. I can probably only undstertand about 3 of them.  But it doesn't matter.  I love the tool. It is a hollow, stainless body that houses Hi-Tec-C and Signo DX refills in the writing instrument end and a hobby knife at the other end.  You have to supply your own refill and hobby knife. Both ends screw on securely when not in use.  

 It is almost too nice to use in my line of work but I fully intend to whip it at my next meeting.  I plan to dramatically unveil it from its case at the very start of the meeting to the admiration of all in attendance Can't wait!!  I'm such a geek.  I'm thrilled to have in my collection.  Here are some photographs of the tool which do not do the tool justice.  I used a Hi-Tec-C .4mm refill in the pictures. I'll try the Signo refill next time.

The link found through Pen Addict has much better pictures.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Black Barrel Post-it Flag + Highlighter & Pen via AMAZON Locker

A few weeks ago, I walked to my local Rite-Aid and noticed this large, grey contraption near the entrance, bearing the words “Amazon Locker”.  There was a little television screen in the middle of the structure.  As soon as I got home, I jumped on the internet to figure out what the heck it was.  Turns out, it’s a new delivery method for receiving your orders.  Amazon has been testing it out in various parts of the country and NYC is the next area.

Now, it may seem like a rather pointless idea when you can just have your goods shipped to your home.  However, if you live in an apartment building in NYC and you don’t happen to have doorman, receiving deliveries can be somewhat of a pain.  I try not to receive too many packages at work so I’m often stuck having to wait until the weekend to retrieve my package from the post office.  So for me, it’s useful.  Sort of a free post office box with hours to fit my work schedule.

I decided to test the service by ordering Post-it Flag + Highlighter & Pen with the new black barrels.  This version is very similar to other versions of the Post-it Flag + Highlighter & Pen models.  The only real difference is in the aesthetics.  Instead of a barrel with sparkles or squiggly lines, the barrel is black with small silver dots.  Then pen is a much more modern looking pen than the others and is far more appealing to me.  I use them at work on a regular basis.

The pen performs like similar pens.  The ink is nice and black and the highlighter works well.  I like larger Post-it tabs but these will do in a pinch.

If the Amazon Locker comes to you area, you should check it out.  And if you like the Post-it Flag + Highlighter & Pen, check out the new design.  Thus far, I’ve only seen the pens on Amazon.