Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Bic Disposable Fountain Pens

Armed with a new $1 off Bic coupon, I trekked through the slush and sleet this weekend and visited my local Staples to browse their selection of Bic pens.  I was delighted to discover a new Bic product.  Bic has come out with disposable fountain pens in a 2 pack of black pens and a 3 pack of blue, black and red pens.  I have a few Varsity disposable fountain pens so I looked forward to trying Bic’s version. 
The Bic fountain pens are larger than the Varsity fountain pens  The larger barrels make the Bic fountain pens slightly more comfortable to use.  The Bic fountain pens appear to hold more ink so I should be able to use them longer.  Overall, I prefer the look of the Bic fountain pens.

In terms of performance, I have to give the edge to the Bic fountain pens because the Bic nibs have a slightly finer point.  My one complaint about the Bic fountain pens has to do with the red pen.  In person, the ink comes out as a very watery red that almost looks pink.  However, I would certainly buy the black and blue versions again.

If you happen to visit Staples and like disposable fountain pens, you should check out Bic’s new offering.  Make sure to print off a coupon from Bic’s Facebook page before you purchase the pens.  Just sign into you Facebook account and click this link