Thursday, September 22, 2011

Moleskine Writing Set Box with .7 mm Rollerball Pen

A few months ago, I pre-ordered the Moleskine Writing Set Box from    Last year, I saw similar boxes on the website but the boxes sold out before I could order one.   When I saw the Writing Set Box available for purchase in the U.S., I pre-ordered it right away.  Today, I finally received the long awaited box.

The actual box looks like a Moleskine notebook with various “writing themed” words in different fonts embossed on the cover.  The label wrapped around the box has pencil drawings of a ruled pocket notebook and an uncapped rollerball pen. 

When you open the box, there is a large, pleated pocket on the front inside cover.  Inside the pocket is the standard pamphlet containing the  Moleskine history.  The main section of the box is covered by a piece of paper with the words  “Writing Set”.

When you lift the piece of paper, you discover a pocket ruled notebook and a .7 mm rollerball pen.   The notebook and pen are secured inside the box by a specially molded, removable foam insert.  The paper label surrounding the pocket notebook is similar to the label on the outside of the box. 

This is a great box that any pen and paper lover would love.  I may order a few more for holiday gifts.

I won’t bother describing the notebook since almost all pen and paper lovers are familiar with the notebook.  I will, however, take this opportunity to do a follow-up review of the Moleskine pen.

I originally reviewed the fine point (.5 mm) pen in May (Moleskine Rollerball Pen Review)  and have been using the pen pretty consistently since then.  I ended up buying the  medium point (.7mm) pen because I wanted to try some of the other ink colors which are not available for the fine point version of the pen.  

My original pen has held up pretty well with the exception of a few minor issues. 

The first issue is that the black coating on the clip part of the pen has chipped off in certain places.  While I use the pen regularly, I’m not particularly hard on pens.  I’m pretty disappointed with that aspect of the pen but it does not affect its function.  I will be interested to see if I have a similar problem with chipping with the other pens.

Another issue I have with the pen relates to the spring that attaches the end cap to the ink cartridge.  Since the end cap of the pen is shaped like a corkscrew, you have to be careful that the ink cartridge and spring are properly aligned before screwing in the cap or you will end up bending the spring like I did.  I can still use the pen but the bent spring makes it a little difficult to change cartridges.

Finally, my biggest complaint about the pen is that the green, red, brown and violet ink refills are only available in the medium point.  The ink colors themselves are very nice.  The brown and violet inks are my favorites.  I would love to have blue-black and deep green versions of the ink.  If the pen sells well, I hope Moleskine will consider expanding the ink selections.

Currently, the pens and ink refills are available for purchase through the Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Papyrus and A.I. Friedman websites.  Almost all of the websites offer some type of discount on the pens and refills.  If you haven't purchased one yet, I highly recommend doing so.   Better yet, purchase the Writing Box which includes the pen.


  1. Bright green x2?

    Otherwise well put. Thanks for reviewing.

  2. I was thinking of sort of a hunter green or green-black.

    At any rate, thanks for reading my review!