Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kinokuniya Run

Our office closed early today due to inclement weather so I decided to make a visit to one of my favorite stationary stores in New York, Kinokuniya. Today's purchase was a set of tabs that you stick to paper to create a permanent divider. I'm a huge fan of the Avery tabs but find them a little pricey now that the buy one, get one deal is over at Staples. Always on the search for new office supplies, I was interested to try out these tabs. They are created by Kokuyo. The package description states that it is a “Tack Index (Permanent Type)”. The 60 tab XL pack costs only $1.95. I think that’s a great deal. They also come in large, medium and small although I didn't pay much attention to those. I'll be picking them up on my next trip.

To use the tab, you write the desired information on the bottom half of the tab. You then peel it off the backing paper and affix the bottom half to the piece of paper in the desired location. To permanently affix the tab, fold it backwards and press both sides together. The middle of the tag is scored so aligning the sides is very easy.

The thing I like about them is that they are small enough and thin enough so that you can seamlessly affix the tab to the paper. They are also large enough so that you can write a significant amount of information, particularly if you use a .25 mm pen point. For my example, I added tabs to my notebook of Supernatural episodes. (I'll talk about my weird practice of taking notes on my some of my favorite television shows in a future post.)

The down side is that the tabs are permanent. Although, if I decide that I'm unhappy with the placement of a tab, I can easily cut it off. I don't see that this would be a particular drawback for me but it is one way in which Avery tab would work better. I definitely plan to start using these at work to mark frequently used documents in my various three (3) ring binders.

Staples Run

Ever since mentioned that he got some great deals at Staples, I've been on a mission to duplicate his deals.  Living in NYC, I'm used to missing out on deals available in other areas.  However, I was not going to rest until I found the Ecosystem journals.  Finally, my hard work paid off.  I found the journals!  I scored the medium lined journals (5 1/4 x 8 1/4) for $4.10 and the small lined journals (3 5/8 x 5 5/8) for $2.70.



I also picked up a really cute pencil pouch for $0.50.   When I purchased it, I assumed it was a regular pencil pouch.  When I got home, I discovered all of the neat features.  First of all, the pouch has 4 separate compartments.  The middle compartment has a velcro closure with a mesh pouch on each side.  I stored my Tombow pens on one side and  Le Pen pens on the other.

The other sections are zippered pouches.  One side has a pleated bottom.  I decided to put my Uniball Signo pens in that section.

The other side is a slim, zippered section.  This side houses a variety of Pilot Hi-Tec and G-Tec pens.

I think I would like the pouch more if it had pleated compartments on both sides instead of just one.  But at $0.50, it's a great deal.