Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Back after 3 years

It's been over 3 years since I blogged, and I've been struggling with what to write about since I'm so behind in blogging.  I decided to write about a subsection of my pen and paper obsession; mini stationary products.  While not always practical, they are always charming to look at.  So for my first attempt to dip my toe back into the blogging waters, I decided to show some of my mini products.

The first is from a line of products Staples rolled out this summer created with the input of actual middle school students.  It's called the "Big Pen Accessory Pack"

The writing instruments are cute but the pen and pencil, in particular would be hard to write with for any significant length of time.  The marker has a nice long point and they chiseled point on the highlighter makes for easy highligting.  I just wonder how long the writing instruments will last with regular use.

My next new mini is a pack of mini Ink Joy pens.

Ink Joys write very smoothly as it is and I love the variety of colors in one small package.

This next item is call a "micro binder" from Staples.  It's like a miniaturized binder with blank paper on the inside instead of ruled paper.  But it's still a cute little binder.

I purchased the next items form the Muji store in the Village in NYC.  I love Muji tabs anyway and was thrilled to see the mini version.

My favorite mini pen, which I carry everyday, is set of 2 mini multi-pens from Bic.  I love multi-pens.  Bic, in my opinion, combined the best of both worlds.

Finally, I have a mini-stapler and mini-tape dispenser I purchased at a discount store (my favorite place to shop for name brand pens).   I use them sparingly since I can't locate refills.

So while I'm wild about minis, the general lack of refills make them impractical.  But they are fun to have.

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