Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bic 4 Color Soft Grip Pen

On a recent visit to Target in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, I discovered a new Bic 4 Color Soft Grip Ball Point Pen (“ Soft Grip”).  Bic multi pens bring back fond memories of junior high school in the early 80’s.  My friends and I would write long letters to each other using a different color ink for each sentence.   I had picked up the Bic 4 Color “Fashion Colors” Ball Point Pen (“Fashion Colors”) pen at a Walmart in Florida and was interested in trying the new Grip version.  The new Soft Grip version looks great and less juvenile than other Bic multi-pens. It has a black body with grey cap.  The grip is similar to the rubberized grip I’ve seen on other retractable Bic pens.
I’m not that particular about multi-pens, mainly because I find the body of the pen too thick.  I do love the convenience of having a variety of inks at my fingertips.  I just wish I could find it in a thinner body.
Except for the green, the inks are nice and dark.  All of the inks flowed freely from the very first pen stroke.  I don’t think I’ll use the pen on a regular basis but it’s nice to have in my collection.  I’ll probably try this pen all next week before making a decision about its place in my rotation of pens and pencils.  One great benefit of it being in black is I don’t think I’d be ashamed to use it in the office.
Compared to the Fashion Colors model,  the Soft Grip model has a much thicker barrel.  While I like the comfort of the grip, it seems to me that they should be able to make a smaller barrel.
Here are writing samples and side by side comparisons of the both the Fashion Colors and Soft Grip model.

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