Saturday, May 14, 2011

Muji Hexagonal Retractable Pens

My love affair with Muji started in November 2009 when I visited the Muji On-the Go store in the Jet Blue terminal at JFK airport.  Since then, I visit one of the 3 Manhattan Muji store locations about every other month.  I've always been a fan of the hexagonal stick pens.  On a recent visit, I discovered the hexagonal retractable pens.  They come in .38, .5 and .7 mm points with black, blue and red inks.  The .38mm is a true needle point which is different from the .38 mm refills from the "Make Your Own Pen" refills.  The .38 and .5 mm verions use gel ink while the .7 mm version uses a traditional oil based ball point pen ink.  The hexagonal shape makes for a comfortable grip on all of the pens. Both inks lay down a smooth line.  The .38mm version is my favorite as it works best with my writing style.  Unfortunately, the Muji on-line store does not sell the hexagonal retractable pens so you can only purchase them in one of the stores.  For anyone planning to fly into JFK on Jet Blue or anyone who lives in NYC, I highly recommend checking out the pens.

I also picked up the aluminum hexagonal retractable pen.  I'll save my review for another post.

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