Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bic deal at Staples

This week at Staples, the Bic Atlantis retractable pens are on sale for $2 a pack.  Each pack contains 2 free pens.  In addition, Staples has a Bic promotion which allows you to buy 2 Bic products and receive a 3rd Bic product of equal or lesser value for free.  In the end, I was able to combine the sale with the Bic promotion and purchased 3 packs of the pens for about $1.33 per pack.    Not a bad deal.

I've tried the Bic Atlantis pens in the past.  I like the grip, the smooth flowing ink and the fact that "clicker" that doesn't wiggle when engaged.  I do not like that the pen is so light weight.  I generally prefer weightier pens.  I also don't like the fact the light green and light blue inks from the “Fashion Colors” pack do not show up well on paper.  Why bother creating an ink color that you can barely see?  Maybe it's a function of the fact that it's a ball point pen as opposed to a gel pen.  At any rate, while it is a serviceable pen, it won't be part of my daily rotation.  I'll keep a few in my work bag for emergencies and donate the rest to a school supply drive in my area.

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