Thursday, August 18, 2011

Muji Denim Tag Plain Notebook

This past July, I visited the Muji-to-Go store in the Jet Blue terminal at JFK airport while waiting to board my flight.  While in the store, I noticed cellophane wrapped A5 and A6 notebooks.  I had not seen them before and decided to purchase them.  Turns out, the notebooks are from Muji's new Denim Tag line. The covers are similar to the material used for their denim tag book covers, but are thinner and lighter in color.   

The paper is sort of an off-white color, made from 15% recycled materials.  Unlike Muji’s recycled paper A5 and A6 notebooks, these notebooks contain fewer sheets (80 v. 144) and the corners of the pages themselves are rounded.  The paper is very smooth and a nice weight. 


My ink test didn’t show any feathering on the paper but there was a bit of a shadow. 

I generally prefer lined notebooks for serious work.  I’ll probably put this in my work tote for jotting down random bits of information. 

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  1. I think using denim tag material as a notebook cover is genius. I can't wait to get to a city with a Muji store so I can stock up on these notebooks. Thanks for sharing your cool loot!