Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cornell Note B5 Notebook

I’m a big fan of Levenger annotated ruled pads.  I was introduced to them when I picked some up for 99 cents each at a closeout store in Queens.  The annotated pads are designed with the Cornell Method of note taking in mind.  Generally speaking, when using the Cornell Method, you divide your paper into 3 sections.  The left column is for questions.  The middle section is for the actual notes.  The bottom section is for summaries

I love my Levenger annotated pad so my interest was piqued when I came across a “Cornell Method Note” book at Kinokuniya.   The notebook comes in B5, 6 mm rule in both twin ring and tape bound.   The tape bound contains 32 sheets and costs $4.55.  The twin ring notebook has 40 sheets and costs $6.35.  The distinct sections are printed on both sides of the paper.  The paper is extremely smooth and reminds me of Kokuyo paper.  There is no feathering and some bleed through. 

I have yet to figure out how I’ll use these.  I may start using them at my office for phone notes.


  1. Where did you get this notebook?

  2. I purchased it at:

    Kinokuniya Bookstore
    1073 Avenue of the Americas
    New York, NY 10018
    (212) 869-1700

  3. You can also buy spiral ones at and I've also seen cornell style notes on ebay