Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Muji Denim Tag Book Covers

Muji has a new line of products made from the material used to make labels for denim jeans.  The line includes book covers in three different sizes, large envelopes, and bookmarks.  Being a complete sucker for new products, I bought the book covers in all three sizes (A5, A6 and B5).  The book covers are, indeed, reminiscent of the tags sewn on the back of denim jeans.  The material is much thinner but it appears durable.

My favorite version is A6 version.  My one complaint is that this version has a flap but does not have a closing mechanism.  I ended up making my own closure using adhesive Velcro strips that I cut to the desired size and stuck to the cover.  It’s not particularly attractive but it’s functional. 

I purchased these at the Muji store in Chelsea. 

A6 - $4.95
A5 -  $5.95
B5 - $6.95

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